Say I love you..

“Do you love me?” I asked with great expectations, looking into his eyes.
He turned his face away and pretended to be busy with something.
I knew the answer anyways..he loves me ofcourse!
He searches for me if I am out of sight, he never wants me to be away from him, he does not like if my attention is anywhere apart from him, he depends on me for most of his needs. However, even if we know someone’s feelings for us, it is always heartening to listen them accepting themselves and saying I love you.
“I……see, its so simple to say, please..just once..” I was almost pleading.
He turned in opposite direction and started walking away. I audaciously walked behind him and faced him again towards me. Visibly displeased by this interruption, he tried to free his arms from my grip. I left his arms, sat on my knees and took his face in my palms.
“I love you and I know you too. It will make my day to listen it from you though..”
Me “I”
He “Ai”
Me “Love”
He “ab”
Me “You”
He “ooo”
Me “I love you”
He “Aiiibb”
Me 🙂 🙂 🙂
He “Aiiiooo”
Me “Aww… my koochi pie!”
He “Aii..” Me “love”… He “you”
I pulled him towards me, hugged him tight and frantically kissed him with delight.
With this sudden outburst of his crazy mom, he squealed but then enjoyed all the showering affection.
Those sweet words coming from my darling son’s drooling mouth meant so much to me, even though he didn’t know the meaning.
Waiting for the day when he will not only mean it, but will also know the meaning and how much it means to me 🙂


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