The journey of parenting

Its truly said that parenting is the most challenging thing you will ever do in your life.
Partially that is because even with your utmost diligence, you can never be sure if you are doing it right.
And rest due to the fact that no amount of reading, training and preparation can actually ‘prepare’ you.

Some days, looking at my perfectly happy baby who ate and slept well, I feel that I nailed it.
While more often than not, when my baby seems to hate everything, refuse to eat, or succeeds in his self sabotaging excursions in spite of all the child proofing and supervision, I wonder if I will ever be able to do it right!
How can this be so difficult! and so exhausting!! people are doing this parenting stuff since time immemorial!!
Just to make sure I am ready for such a huge responsibility, I read every parenting book available, joined forums and seek guidance from other parents.
But all this helps only as much as a GPS in a foreign land. Sounds extremely helpful, ya?
Now lets say you are a first time driver and driving your way in midst of heavy rainfall(incessant crying), random traffic(visitors and their suggestions) and bumps(health issues). And you are so occupied while driving that you cannot even glance at the GPS. That GPS guided route you have to study before starting your journey. Add sleep deprivation to it, to an extent that your eyes are open but you can barely see or comprehend what you are seeing. Now it sounds challenging enough? That’s what being a new parent is all about.
There is no destination to this journey..only milestones. And you will ponder a million times that are you on the right path? Am I doing it right?! Every time your baby falls sick or hurts himself or is crying for reasons you cannot resolve, an overwhelming mommy guilt engulfs you, no matter how confident you used to be in your ‘previous life’.
The only thing that keeps you sane is the beauty of the road traveled. And it is so much so that you will be proud of yourself and thank god for undertaking this journey.
I have read somewhere that babies are so cute because that is their defense mechanism. With a slight tweak to that, I feel that is the defense mechanism for parents. Or else, how can anybody survive on 3 hrs of sleep and terrible exhaustion!
That smile which spreads on lips like rose petals radiates energy. The cheruby hand, with dimples instead of knuckles, when it holds you, you want to keep everything in the world on hold and savor that moment. With a toothless grin and chuckle, you are tempted to perform your silliest of songs/dance to see that again. Its the most humbling experience you will have in a lifetime. And you will acquire the patience of a saint.
As a baby grows, so grows a parent. And you are never the same again.


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