How useless is a mobile!

All the kids these days are obsessed about mobile phones and other gadgets. (Well, slightly less than us adults!)

My son, since he was 4 months old, tried to grab my mobile whenever he got chance. In-fact when he started army crawl, we used to set mobile phone as a target. Because no other toy tempted him enough to move in a particular direction. Yes he liked to crawl but he was always too busy to do it when I wanted to capture it. Busy with suckling his fingers or big toe or having some important conversation with ceiling fan. However, whenever he saw a phone un supervised, he  instantly and magnetically managed to reach it.

I admire the persistence we have as babies. Every single time, the moment he used to reach the ‘target’, we picked the mobile and placed it away from him. And yet, without being upset, he tried to reach out for it again.

So one fine day, after a hard long crawl when he was about to grab the phone, I just locked the screen and let him hold it. At first, he was surprised and cackled out loud, staring at the mobile (and drooling like a faucet). His gaze was so awestruck, and grin so wide with the sense of accomplishment that I realized how easy it is to be happy!

With great effort, he managed to sit while trying to hold the mobile with his tiny palms.

For several minutes, he observed the phone at every angle with great attention. That look of pure concentration was something I had only while performing that prism experiment in physics

After looking at it that long, at some ‘eureka’ moment, he shrieked loudly and happily, may be as he figured out what all he can do with it. He held it horizontally and shook it like a rattle. No sound. He stopped and stared at it. Then started shaking it again while making loud babbling noises himself, as if to encourage the phone. Still no sound from phone. He stared at it again, passed from right hand to left hand and back to right. Then banged the phone on the mattress. Still no sound. No lights. Nothing. Slight disappointment showed up on his face that this playmate of his is not responding at all.

Finally, he put the phone in his drooling little mouth and in an attempt to chew it, pressed his swollen gums on phone screen. Immediately he pulled it out of his mouth, regretting the bad experience. Then he looked at me, looked at the phone. Not colourful, no lights, no sounds, not even useful for chewing. He just tossed the phone in my direction, may be wondering what his parents do all day with this useless thing and carried on with his crawling excursion after wasting so much of his precious time.

And much to my relief,  he lost his interest in mobile phones, except for posing for the selfies 😀

And yes I know, what will happen few months down the line,but till then, I can enjoy being on phone uninterrupted. 😀



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